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The wheel chords - the ultimate tool for all musicians

If you ever tried to learn theory of chords and that everything is in your head, then you know that a very good memory or years of practice before their brain has discovered what to do, Statuette decodes it for beginners, because it is a Visual representation, suitable for advanced musicians and music students. In fact, it is not a book but little excellent that comes with 12 pages of instructions.

I went through a number of different comments, until I understood that it could with the help of the wheel chords but I bought the book, the rest would be always be useless. Best thing about this book is that it contains 12 pages there are simply a guide on how to use the gadget.

The book explains in simple and clear. As you know, there are a number of books on the market for the same purpose, but all these books start with the basics and then go about the various options and exercises, making it difficult to track information. It is difficult to determine how the information is useful, or that is on the subject. Often, feels like us a new bout of education, need prior to find out about what you need to know.

In this case the gadget is out but, to be fair. Most people are agreed that the wheel chords is very useful. Everything you need to do is select a key and chords which are included in the family. You will find online or in the reference manual. You can play the chords in a given family in any order or combination you will find attractive. You must be sure that you sound like natural products.

Some advice, don't try to understand every concept and trying to understand how things fit together. Basically, you should try to build a strong foundation for learning approach correctly.

This short booklet and chord wheel gadget are probably one of the best instruments of the practice of all time.

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Aerobic guitar by Troy Nelson

This book is an excellent book with the exception of the audio with the content. I think that the audio content of a more easy-to-understand way were it could be organized.

There are two CDs that come with the book and the first consists of audio tracks, games for every different week of leaks, you will need for the week. This will help to hear them out and the sound of get accustomed to understand it. It is important that all lessons for learning another lesson that you want to go and this calls sometimes a bit annoying.

Time is one of the most important things needed a good guitar and CD 2 helps you with that number of metronome and rhythm that contains it. Stop by the book to understand how to pursue and mix and match the compact disks to optimize its benefits. You can use the lame first to learn to play to learn and then put the metronome of the rhythm. Although the CDs again and again licks and change of rhythms that makes a little annoying, but if you keep your head on, then worth.

I believe that an independent audio for each lesson track would have accompanied of licks, as well as the metronome and rhythm of a CD of the best and most useful. Saying that the book continues to be immensely useful. The book contains each of the lessons, together with the notes, tabs chords more guitar and cropping patterns. The same techniques are again and again, which means that it is practiced every Monday is choosing an alternative exercise during Tuesday exercise jump rope and so on. All this and more make this book one of the best books on guitar on the market, and any student of guitar I would advice to use it.

Aerobic Troy Nelson guitar a smart way and natural improve is your guitar technique and is highly recommended by me and my friend who plays guitar for more than 15 years.

Jumat, 05 Juli 2013

The Phantom of the opera Gastón Leroux

The Phantom of the opera is a good annotated horror, fiction, mystery, romance, adventure, a mixture of different genres beautifully told in short musical words. The history of the novel draws most of the main characters, Erik, Christine and Raoul.

The novel can be summarised as follows. The Opéra de Paris as a haunted place was revealed. Christine offering a position in the opera house and in the House, she used melancholic to hear sounds, which eventually attracted his attention. News spread throughout the House, which was followed and therefore the administrator, to refute this.

In Paris, Christine had it was visited by his friend of childhood Raoul and comply with certain commitments and have Christine discovered conversations with a foreign man. Suddenly she had developed the ability to sing and there were no tracks, who headed the credit, the angel of music that his father taught him and she remembers as the dominant character in his stories, the voice belonged to the tormented spirit.

Little by little, a deep link said Eric and Christine and their relationship strengthened over the years per clock that this Raoul realized that the spirit was crazy and took Christine under their control, because Christine had seen its true face. As a result of full Raoul attempts with career would allow this figure but delighted not Christine.

At the time, he concluded Leroux, this book to write, there are many rumors about spirits delighted in cities that were all the exaggerated stories. The author in the book had been the decency of the scenes for melodramatic words.

Each novel is a hero and heroine but interest and tension is maintained by a different character as Eric in this story. It was the central element of the novel feeling makes it more interesting, the Phantom of the opera turned out to be a great success and has been read and adjusted to the whole world.

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Musicophilia: Tales of music and the brain, revised and expanded edition

Musicophilia, tales of music and the brain tries to explain that it has effect, the music and how it affects the people's minds. Believe it or not, but the music has the ability to change the way of life of the individual. The author has described as a kind of musical Oliver Sack people.

He said in one of his statements, that music is a form of therapy that suits individual feelings, by some kind of neurological changes. Since then it has been much research and study in this evaluation of the area of various physical, physiological and psychological capabilities of patients made.

In many schools, children are taught now through music. In practice his work made what allows customers or patients talk about and open with their problems. This is to release any kind of fear, pain or other problems.

It is not limited only to the powers of the music, the impact on neurological patterns, but it continues to say that associated with other events and these may contribute to changes in behavior.

He judged 29 different themes in this book and the chapters are accompanied by case studies, support, so that not only nonsense.

However I felt having the images of the book of the brain, including its parts and labor, they lacked that a better understanding of the parties to respond to a given situation investigated because not everyone could a neuroscience background.

Musicophilia is a very brief and concise study which deals with the relationship between the music and the way in which our mind on the music responds, fine words and phrases that use carry out a very insightful and interesting new understanding of this topic.

Wonderful tonight, by Pattie Boyd

It is the most famous love triangle in the history of rock 'n' roll, one of the most emblematic songs of all time and probably the most famous guitar riff ever spawn.

Mention the name of Pattie Boyd and the majority of people at the age of 40 years, who knows what you mean. You mention the word "Layla" and the younger, bewildered eyes light up. Every child learn guitar will play the first notes.

Pattie Boyd's story is exceptional. It is the epitome of the wild excesses and love free sex, drugs, and years of rock ' n roll, an era that went on in the 1960s and most of the main characters, dead or hopelessly addicted alcohol and/or drugs had burned by the 1980s. Bands that were left were torn by struggles of power among the surviving members. It would tear a rockero hard littering TVs out Windows of the hotel rooms were replaced with fluffy new romantics who never blur through a lobby on a motorcycle for fear of destroying her hairstyle or her makeup.

Change hands at auction ever more ridiculous sums of money and Pattie Boyd clearly has a load of trunk of memories of the 1960s and 1970s. This "enhanced" version of his autobiography, "Wonderful Tonight" (the original version of the book was named oddly wonderful today in the United Kingdom) is full of letters, photographs, drawings, and photographs that have apparently seen the light of the world for decades.

The first chapters speak of children - in the rule but a strong need in an autobiography - browse forwards to the juicy bits, worth a look to your childhood photos. Conversations through a series of snapshots, similar to a friend shows her photo album that is displayed as a presentation of the film, Pattie. It is an original approach that iBook more later this is repeated with a collection of photographs of the Beatles in India with the Maharishi.

A photo of George and Pattie with Frank Sinatra is accompanied by a description audio of how the study of its "take one" came my way Sinatra recording.

More on iBook discusses the cover of the solo album George living in the material world shooting, it declares that the driver and nanny were just a part of the whole.

That intrigued parkas Beatles or fact are interested in souvenirs such as postcards, Pattie at this time was on tour with the FAB concept four, for his own label created by George George and Pattie certificate of marriage, a child Christmas for Pattie by George and George even posted card.

A letter from George, Pattie while that also received audio commentary treatment in New York for the concert for Bangladesh. In his letter, George writes that the voyage of the SS France was not as much fun as the previous in the QE2 to New York. Pattie explains that she had entertained Tommy Cooper in the voyage of the QE2. Why writes George, has seen him sink, but I don't know if you can afford it? It was certainly one of the planet's richest rock stars! Pattie explains that she never with money and no clue had were rich or poor. The presentation allows readers, comment, after reading the letter.

The most magical of all may be a letter from John Lennon, who was buried in a drawer for almost forty years. In the letter, he speaks on the grass outside your window (Central Park), which fortunately does not cut. He describes a new amazing invention, who discovered - the Polaroid camera - and how the image of the Salta House and developed before your eyes. It hits Apple (label of the Beatles caused it great pain at the time) should be the battles lower the tenderer or animals and discussions of the expenditure of Wilfred pickles Memorial sent home. It's eccentric Lennon really at its best.

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Oliver Sack's Musicophilia

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Oliver Musicophilia bag - review

SAC Musicophilia Oliver bridges the gap between music and the brain through the use of case studies, it has treated personally and otherwise. The range of completely strange stories, terribly tragic. Music can influence the brain in a peculiar way. Studies reveal how music not can only be no surprise for the brain, but also something distressing, pursues.

The book is organized with chapters, which affects the brain in a special way in music. The book focuses mainly on stories of people affected by the music. However, analyzes the stories in a measure and tells how has increased our knowledge of music and the brain due to the sample. Draws the conclusions that the bags throughout the book are interesting and participate.

A particularly appealing story was Parkinson's patients who use the fascinating sounds of drum circle, to calm the tics. His circle consisted of patients with Parkinson's disease in others. Bags, to start remembering to come, while waiting for the leaders to their respective drums do this inspiring group, which all feel better, not their tics on the road. As soon as he did, the tics became almost instantly. It was as if an inexplicable force of nature in any way had seeped into the body of the patient and she entranced calm and control. It has been shown that they can prevent almost completely stable, predictable, paced in the presence of PD played patients, ICT for the duration of the battery. However, we have scratched the surface when it comes to music in a therapeutic environment. Said, in this case bags and much more will be used to demonstrate that the beneficial effect of music is simply overwhelming and more are examined.

That you are interested in music, psychology or just want to marvel, Musicophilia is an excellent read and very informative. This book that many will be promoting the importance of research in the area of music psychology.

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Divine weeks

Most of us are at a stage in our lives where we actually do or want to try something, but never more than take the step to go. Members of the band, to take the step of 33 days rock history says that a group of Southern California. Three of the four members was never on their own on July 29, 1987, when she climbed into a rental car and left it for a national tour. Had no idea of how it was received, or influencing the trip would have on each of them.

Bill's Lake, which was the author of the book and the singer/leader of the group, the momentum of an unhappy life in the country and thinking in the age of 22, was willing to let his music helps, other problems to separate. For three years, had his band, divine weeks in the area of the to play. She had gone well enough until Bill knew that it could be a national name.

His closest friend, Rajesh Makwana, was the guitarist of the Group and leave his family in India was a very difficult time. Your not happy culture accepts his band Association. Raj had applied too ridiculous both in England, before moving the family to the States and then in this country. Bill was the closest and best friend who never had. Therefore, Raj was the idea of the tour anyway because the music the best version of his life had been rather unhappy.

Befriended Bill George Edmondson more, it was not only the bearish band, but they had some of the best bassist in the area was known as. George was shot on the trip, because he also become depressed with their university life and wanted to see divine weeks become a national name. But however unhappy with the College he still had plans to school and going to the level that a young man has become very serious.

Dave Smerdzinski was the fourth and last member of the group. They live a little more old and used, had its own recently joined the Group and are a great force by its very nature, its ability to percussion and his self-representation.

Ian Bader was Road Manager and calm enough influence and caretaker of all of them to the group.

For 33 days, he travelled through the western part of the country game concerts anywhere that can be imagined. The shows were played before some houses and some very small groups but everywhere were well received and built several following.

However, they had many problems and everything was not as easy as they had imagined, it would be. Food, accommodation, travel, costs in General were hard to get for a new band, virtually unknown how it began.

Some have each of the individuals they grow on their own and she grew up in any case as a group of extension throughout the country not only as their music and style, but even on MTV and other media.

There are many references to songs of rock of the time, as well as for groups which were idols in divine weeks. It seems that sometimes we need to be a fan of music and participants in 33 days of enjoyment. The author also tends to often lose the thread, since it runs from today no clean breaks for events.

However, an easy entertainment is read and right, makes the hike together as young musicians of the reader fired - up in his pickup scenes from yesterday's trip rock music events.

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Top 5 myths about the music business

If you are involved in the entertainment business probably has heard some stories. The following is a list of some of the top myths about the music business.

1. The people in the music business help from the goodness of their hearts.


The music business is called the music industry for a reason. It is a company that happens to sell music as well. Companies are in business to make money. They are not in the economy, art, they do, but to sell it. You will find a handful of the good Samaritan to help free, but in general, if aid does not benefit the other party, they do not help.

"People counting (not love) will help you if you think that your art to make money". "They will help you if you think that your art will not make money."-David Naggar, Esq. from the music business explained in plain English-.

2. Since the economic decline people not to buy more music


People buy music, but have to buy once, not in the same way. Sale of CDs may have failed, but the sale of individual tracks is above! If you still doubting check iTunes sales. Supposedly Apple has 10 trillion and sold!

3 Music superstars have and make lots of money.

It's one of the myths in the entertainment business. Kingston or Lady Gaga on TV who thinks he sees a Sean may, live the good life, but actually brings a lot of money that he or she home really depends on the terms and conditions of the contractual obligations, as well as their money management skills. In short, if they spend more than is required to break sooner or later.

Examples of the need to:

MC Hammer

Marvin Gaye

Michael Jackson

Willie Nelson

Toni Braxton

Billy Joel

George Clinton

Isaac Hayes


Ron Isley

Would you like more? The list is endless.

The fact of the matter is that all of these artists have seen the ups and downs of the music industry. Micheal Jackson, the "King of pop", had to earn their money. Not "Superstar" is released. Money management skills are required, a "Superstar" maintain the lifestyle.

4. Can a celebrity of the overnight in the music industry.

This is one of the most common myths about the music business. People think that you have a record deal and then everyone can sign sudden you are magically on covers of magazines and received Grammy Awards. All this talk is nonsense. At the end of the day, it takes a good amount of work of the leg, devotion, passion, force and strong relationships of networks for "Success" in the music business. No one has successfully more quickly than others their objectives any night, however, have. Artists like Eminem, Wiz Khalifa, and Kanye West are their reputations and brands, the people for many years, are today. For this reason, work smarter and harder not is as much in the music business.

5 Talent triumphs over the ethics of work

It currently still has talent in music business but it has more work ethic. A person extremely endowed with average ethics in General and someone with exceptional work ethic and average talent not.

A strong ethic of work not more than often means that it can be consistent that is of the utmost importance in the music business.